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Edifier R 501

Edifier Speaker
Edifier R 501



Total Power Output : RMS 62W (6W x 4 + 30W x 1)
Massive 8" subwoofer driver, Wireless remot control, digital volume IC, LED digital display

  • All MDF wood enclosures, even for the satellites.

  • Magnetically shielded drivers, no need to worry about the screen nearby.

  • 8 inch long-throw super woofer with high power output amplifier.

  • 3.5 inch full range satellite speaker.

  • Micro-Computer controlled, digital volume IC.

  • LED digital display indicates the volume setting value and other status.

  • Volume fade-in and fade-out when power on/off is operated.

  • Infrared remote controller, adjusting main volume, rear, center, subwoofer and mute.

  • Flash memory to save the adjusting value.

  • 5.1 channels inputs, Dolby Digital(AC-3) ready, DTS ready.

The luxury Edifier R501 5.1 model uses solid MDF wood enclosures, and a magnetically shielded long-throw 8 inch subwoofer and satellites, with Double LM1875 BTL amplifiers. The R501 is packed with features, including a Micro-CPU controlled digital volume control IC with LED digital display indicating volume setting, infrared remote controller, volume fade-in and fade-out when power on/off is operated, and a superb flash memory feature to save the adjusted value settings. The R501 provides the deep lows, clear midrange, and smooth highs to envelop you in music and sound effects, whatever source you may choose to make your listening experience all the more enjoyable.

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