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SMC CyWee 3D Controller



The CyWee Z is the first motion controller made for high performance PC gaming. The Z controller provides free movement in 3D space and the ability to sense depth. This allows for the capture of complex movements which regular controllers cannot replicate. The Z takes PC gaming to the next level.

The device features accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetic sensors to produce the most precise and responsive motion game controller. Every twist or turn is mirrored to the TV. The Z brings life to gaming through 1:1 movement.

Currently supporting hundreds of PC games as well as most Flash games, the Z offers compatibility with classics right out of the box. With a self-mapping tool that comes with the Z, gamers can also create their own configurations for PC titles.

The CyWee Z offers the best motion experience with the lowest latency. Without the need for optical bars and wires to a base station, the experience is truly optimized for 3D movement and depth sensing. Experience life-like swings and motions when playing golf, tennis, baseball, hockey, and snowboarding titles.

3D motion-sensing for 1:1 real-time response:

Realistic gameplay with embedded 3-axis accelerometer and 2-axis gyro

Ergonomic transformer design:

  • 5 modes in 1 without any additional add-ons.
  • Simply twist to transform between game modes.

Versatile and compatible with all OS platforms (even Macs):

Multi-function device: game controller, air mouse, media center remote.


  • Simply plug a receiver dongle into the USB of your PC or notebook.
  • No need to install or configure software.
  • 2.4G wireless USB connection up to 10 meters.

Supports PC and online games (Flash, Casual, etc.) – no console required:

CyWee’s patented mapping tool can transform any PC or online game traditionally played with a keyboard and mouse into an intense motion-packed experience.

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